Volume Hiring

KaiznHR is a multi-functional, multi-faculty, cross industry human resource procurement services company. Our competencies and expertise's span the entire cross section of functions & industries. Companies quite often need to ramp up their hiring efforts quickly, therefore high-volume and high-growth hiring requires an entirely different set of tools and strategies than traditional recruitment. One of the biggest challenges of every recruiter is high volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on the quality and timeline.

We have also specialized ourselves in closing large number of positions in a very short period of time, if such need arises with our Client Companies. It may be in IT, BPO, Banking, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing or in any other sector.

We have dedicated resources on fulltime basis to serve our clients and a key account management business model for this. We conduct or facilitate campus recruitment drive and Job fair as per our client's demand. Our team of recruiter's can manage your volume hiring drive from start to finish-from searching candidate's to show up to handling out the offer letter. We enure that role of each team member in volume hiring drive is supported to maximum effectiveness.